Meet ADR

Our story:  Over the years as a general practicioner I’ve personally experienced and watched my colleagues experience fatigue on many levels due to having full schedules as well as needing to see urgent/emergent cases that come in to the clinic daily.  Add in the fact that veterinary ER’s stay incredibly busy and the need for an additional source of care was evident: an intermediary that can provide emergency care whether it be on an outpatient basis or to triage and stabilize in a timely manner in order to transfer to a 24 hr facility for continued care if needed.

Therefore ADR Urgent Veterinary Care was created to help be that additional source of care for those patients whose regular veterinarians are either closed or unable to see them in a timely manner.  That being said, if you don’t have a regular veterinarian for your pet and your pet needs to be seen we are here for you as well.